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Cosmetic dental problems, such as chipped or discolored teeth, can seriously impact the overall appearance of your smile; we are inherently attracted to a healthy, even-looking, and white smile. If you have damaged teeth, therapies like porcelain veneers are able to completely transform the way your smile looks.

Veneers: A Little Bit of Backstory

Porcelain veneers have developed a reputation for producing stunning smiles since they first came to prominence in the early part of the last century. As appearance became more important for the movie stars of the time, a Hollywood dentist by the name of Dr. Charles Pinkus discovered that temporarily placing slivers of porcelain onto the surface of his patients’ teeth yielded impressive results. However, it wasn’t until 1982 when a bonding process was developed for veneers that they became a viable and popular cosmetic makeover treatment.

What Veneer Treatment Can Do for You Today

These days, veneers are used to address multiple cosmetic dental issues, such as chipping, cracked teeth, gaps between the teeth, and minor misalignment. Porcelain veneers are a great option for people looking for a solution to stained or discolored teeth; not only will the veneers cover existing stains, porcelain is stain-resistant and so (with proper care) teeth remain white for a longer time.
Veneers are applied to the surfaces teeth, and do not impair their functionality. They are a lasting investment for most cosmetic dentistry patients. By adding a thin slice of porcelain, teeth appear brighter, damage-free, and more evenly shaped and spaced simultaneously. Veneers are capable of doing all of this, without the need for multiple and extensive procedures.

A Natural Finish

The porcelain material is a key to veneer’s success as a treatment. Porcelain is strong, resilient, and possesses luminosity like that of actual enamel, which gives it a tooth-like appearance. And, because doctors closely control its final look by polishing and coloring it, a porcelain veneer can be accurately shaped, contoured, and shaded to provide a truly natural looking smile.

As with all restorative dental treatments, veneers need to be cleaned and maintained. But, with proper dental care and regular checkups, your teeth will look flawless for years to come.

If you have questions about dental veneers, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tulsa cosmetic dentistry office.

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Many patients come to the dentist with painful sensations in their teeth that won’t go away, hot and cold sensitivity, and biting problems. When those issues appear, it usually means that root canal therapy is needed. We know that many people run for the door when root canals are mentioned, but 

Dr. Jump is here to provide a stress-free experience that every patient will appreciate. Root canals are a common procedure, with millions of teeth being treated and saved each year with root canal therapy.

If the tooth can be saved, a root canal may be recommended. The procedure involves cleaning out the tooth and canal, and replacing the infected pulp with gutta-percha. Lastly, a crown is used to cap the tooth, creating healthier dentition.

Root canal treatment can save your natural tooth, resulting in many benefits such as a better bite and efficient chewing, a natural appearance, and the prevention of your other teeth from being strained.

Many patients fear root canal therapy, but it’s not much different than having a cavity filled. After root canal therapy, your tooth will continue to work like any other tooth. Root canal therapy can be handled in one or two appointments and is not overly painful, contrary to how it is depicted in modern culture.

Root canal therapy will help you maintain your natural smile, allow you to continue eating the foods you love, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

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Call our Tulsa dental office to make an appointment. If you’re experiencing dental pain, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. David Jump. He can provide you with the care needed to move on with your life, pain-free.

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Many situations can lead to a tooth being knocked out. A fall, sports injury, or other traumatic event can cause teeth to crack, break, or fall out completely. When this happens, it’s important to seek emergency dental treatment from your local dentist, but in the meantime there are some preliminary steps you can take before making your way to the dentist.

Apply a cold compress: To alleviate pain, you can use a cold pack (or anything frozen, for that matter) as needed. Simply place your cold pack on your cheek or jaw to reduce discomfort.

Find a storage container: Many times, when a tooth is knocked out, it can be re-implanted into the socket.  It is important to not let the tooth stay dry longer than 1 hour. To ensure that the tooth remains clean and hydrated, store the tooth in a container with a bit of saliva or place the tooth back into your mouth either between your lips and gums (being careful not to swallow the tooth) or back into its socket. Do not store in water! If you decide to place the tooth back in the socket yourself make certain you have it in the correct orientation.

Do not clean the tooth: It might be tempting to clean off the tooth once it has been knocked out, but doing so risks contamination and removing cells critical to healing. Avoid damaging the tooth and its roots by simply placing it in your mouth or storage container and delivering it to your dentist for re-implantation.

Remember to only touch the crown: If a tooth is to be re-implanted into its original socket, it’s important to keep the tooth as clean as possible. Avoid handling the roots of the tooth (the bottom) and focus on handling it by the crown (the top). This will ensure that the tooth is healthy enough to be placed back into the socket.

Contact Dr. David Jump for More Information

Dr. Jump of Cherry Street Family Dentistry, is a general and cosmetic dentist who provides emergency dental treatment in his Tulsa, OK dental office. For more information, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment!

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